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A Slight Change of Plans written on a yellow Post-It.

A Slight Change of Plans

age 13+

Inspiring tales of resilience; some heavier topics.

Production company: Pushkin (Average run time: 30 minutes)
Rebel Girls Growing Up Powerful Podcast logo, girls at a sleepover talking into microphones.

Rebel Girls: Growing Up Powerful

age 8+

Educating and empowering pod for young girls and teens.

Production company: Rebel Girls (Average run time: 8 minutes)
Time Traveling Tonya podcast art: a young girl with brown skin sits atop a tortoise in front of a pink and purple swirling background

Time Traveling Tonya

age 5+

Time travel pod makes history fun and relevant for kids.

Production company: GoKidGo (Average run time: 13 minutes)
Smiling hosts with pink boom box, green and blue background

Jamming on the Job

age 5+

Positive intro to many careers through music and exploration.

Production company: PBS Kids (Average run time: 18 minutes)
Frozen podcast logo with Anna and Elsa

Disney Frozen: Forces of Nature

age 6+

Beloved Frozen characters on new adventures with teamwork.

Production company: ABC Audio , Disney (Average run time: 15 minutes)
Story Pirates podcast art: the show's name in big black letters and a pirate flag sit over a blue background with white stripes

Story Pirates

age 5+

Silly stories by kids adapted as sketch comedy and songs.

Production company: Gimlet Media (Average run time: 25 minutes)
Black outline of disposable coffee cup with hand holding it on yellow background. "Teenager Therapy" written above image and "because we have problems too" written below.

Teenager Therapy

age 14+

Teens talk navigating high school years; some mature topics.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 45 minutes)
White fluffy dog with kid with brown skin and curly hair with bird on shoulder and glowing feather, library shelves and squirrel in background

Henry's Library, A Podcast

age 5+

Empowering story pod centers STEM and love for reading.

Production company: What is Black (Average run time: 7 minutes)
White logo shaped like an American flag as a text box on a red background with the words This American Life from WBEZ.

This American Life

age 13+

Real impactful stories; maturity levels of content vary.

Production company: This American Life , WBEZ Chicago (Average run time: 60 minutes)
CharmWordsEspañol:Afirmaciones Diarias Para Niños title image with title over image of rainbow and surrounded by clouds and stars

Charm Words Español: Afirmaciones Diarias Para Niños

age 4+

Brief, clear declarations of well-being and compassion.

Production company: ABF Creative (Average run time: 3 minutes)
Open book with colorful letters and blue background

Puffin Podcast: Mission Imagination

age 5+

Inclusive kids pod encourages imagination and creativity.

Production company: Puffin Books (Average run time: 18 minutes)
Blue text over a yellow blob that looks like a brain or a fart cloud reads "Who Smarted?"

Who Smarted

age 6+

Bite-sized fun facts pod is silly and engaging.

Production company: Atomic Entertainment Productions (Average run time: 16 minutes)
NASA's curious universe podcast logo, blue background with white text, astronaut above writing

NASA's Curious Universe

age 7+

Educational space exploration pod encourages curiosity.

Production company: NASA (Average run time: 16 minutes)
Women of Marvel podcast logo, women superheroes in a collage style background.

Women of Marvel

age 9+

Empowering pod dives deep into women superheroes of Marvel.

Production company: Marvel Studios , SiriusXM (Average run time: 45 minutes)
Grown podcast logo, three people standing over a river looking at their reflections

Grown, a podcast from The Moth

age 12+

Storytelling pod reflects on awkwardness of growing up.

Production company: The Moth , PRX (Average run time: 27 minutes)
On a black background, a yellow moth sits underneath "The Moth" and above "25 years of humanity one story at a time"

The Moth

age 14+

Insightful real-life stories with powerful messages.

Production company: PRX , The Moth (Average run time: 20 minutes)
Nightingale podcast art: A robotic bird sits atop a robotic hand with a green and blue sky behind it


age 8+

Teens with cancer go on a magical adventure; heavy themes.

Production company: Gen-Z Media (Average run time: 30 minutes)
A white circle on a green background with the words "KaBrazen THE PODCAST" written in green and orange blocky letters. Small colorful shapes are scattered across the upper right.


age 3+

Inspiring stories of African women & girls through history.

Production company: The LAM Sisterhood (Average run time: 18 minutes)
Proud Stutter: image of smiling woman

Proud Stutter

age 9+

Inclusive pod changes how we think about stuttering.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 30 minutes)
Book Club for Kids title art. Illustration of three children reading a book.

Book Club for Kids

age 8+

Thoughtful book club discussion with kids and authors.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 20 minutes)