Best TV: Our Recommendations for Families

A cozy night of family TV calls for some really great shows, and we've got them. Whether you're looking for classic kids' TV, educational series, or just something -- anything -- new to watch, our "best TV" lists are full of shows that will capture the whole family's attention.

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Best TV Shows of the Year: 2023

Here's what we couldn't stop watching this year.

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Latin American Academy Award Winners and Nominees

Meet some of the Latino actors and filmmakers who've made history on the big screen.

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Great Movies with Latino Stars

Funny and touching stories with Latino actors in the spotlight.

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Guillermo del Toro Movies and TV Shows for Kids

Discover the award-winning Mexican filmmaker's less-spooky work.

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Movies and TV Shows That Celebrate Hip-Hop Music

Iconic soundtracks, artists, and storylines.

Animated poster with an image of a Syrian girl named Lamya holding a book with the name Rumi visible. Behind her is Lamya and Rumi standing in a fantasy world with a mystal castle in the distance. Rumi is a young Syrian boy looking concerned and holding papers to write poetry..

Movies and TV Shows with Arab Leads

Moving, accurate reflections of Arab culture, with Arab actors and characters at the forefront.

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Great Canadian TV Shows

Go beyond Degrassi with these picks that will make you say "eh."

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Controversial TV Shows That Teens Are Watching

These edgier picks are the shows teens are talking about. How much do you know about them?

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Kids' Choice Awards: All-Time Stars

The best of kids' movies, TV shows, books, apps, and video games -- voted on by kids, for kids.

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2023 NAACP Image Award-Nominated TV Shows

We'd like to thank the NAACP for this year's great nominees.

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Powerful Stories About Martin Luther King Jr.

Movies, TV shows, and books about the inspirational civil rights leader and his lasting legacy.

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Best TV Shows of the Year: 2022

How many of these great picks graced your screen this year?

Spirit Rangers TV show poster

Movies & TV Shows That Celebrate Indigenous Peoples

Thoughtful picks that showcase stories by and for Indigenous communities.

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5 Family Movies to Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Engaging animated stories that are full of life.

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Halloween Essentials by Guillermo Del Toro

Spooktacular titles from the Master of Horror.

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Movies and TV Shows That Celebrate Black Music

From chart-toppers to the local marching band, explore the influences of Black music with these great picks!

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Queer AND: Movies and TV Shows That Explore Intersectionality and LGBTQ+ Identities

Compassionate picks that highlight the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ people.

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Growing Up Queer: Thoughtful Movies and TV Shows About LGBTQ+ Youth

Excellent picks that uplift the stories of LGBTQ+ kids and teens.

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LGBTQ+ History on the Screen: Impactful Queer Moments and Figures in Movies and TV

Great picks that honor the experiences and perspectives of LGBTQ+ people.

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Powerful Stories of Asian Immigrant Families

Delve into the experiences of Asian families making a life in a new land.